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September 29, 2012
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I wanted to write out a transformation. That's basically it. I used one of my werewolf characters, Danny. I had written stuff for him a long time ago, but haven't really touched his story since. This here doesn't have much of a story line and I apologize if it's long. Enjoy and comment if you'd like!
A loud rapping sound came from the door.

"Danny! What's wrong? Danny!" I heard my older brother calling, concern sucessfully cracking his usually low voice.

I groaned and bit my lip, determined not to make a sound.

God damn it, I'm such an idiot! Neil told me this would happen if I injected myself with that stuff. He warned me, but I didn't listen. Instead, I dove head first into this mess of trouble.

Slowly, I somehow managed to drag myself to my bathroom and pull myself off of the ground using the sink for support. It was still considerably difficult, taking into account the bones slowly snapping in and out of place in my arms.

I groaned, drool dripping from my lips. For some reason, I couldn't seem to help that. It was like the productivity of my saliva glands had increased dramatically, which- considering- didn't seem to far fetched.

I threw my head up and forced myself to look into the mirror.

Two neon rubies shone brightly were my dull hazel eyes used to be, nearly consuming the darkness of the bathroom along with my pale face.

I watched myself for a minute, mezmirized by what my body was going through, but then was forced to stop when a large pop erupted from inside my torso. I fell like a foundation missing a vital pillar and began to scream and squirm on the cold floor.

"DANNY!" Drake screamed. I could hear him slamming his mass against the door in a desperate attempt to get inside. I wanted to tell him to leave, but my voice was over taken by my own screams.

I somehow managed to get off of my back and into a hunched position, my eyes staring at the ground and my changing hands. Given the light radiating from my new eyes, I was able to see how the bones on my fingers became more defined and narrow. Not that I had to see it, considering that it hurt like a mother.

Next came the claws. They graciously took the liberty of tearing some of my fingernails in the process of surfacing, as well as drawing an unusually large amount of blood. I was told that my blood would increase when I entered this form, but I had never expected it to be like this. Hell, how could I have know what to expect with something like this?

A low rumbling came from deep within my throat. I didn't recognize what sound I was making at first, but it eventually occurred to me that I was growling.

The banging on the door ceased and I could hear the faint beat of footsteps jogging down the stairs. Most likely, Drake was going to call 911 or get help from the neighbors. I was pretty sure that John and Rose could hear me too, but I tried not to think about that.

My gums swelled and began to bleed similar to how my fingers did, but this time was different. Instead of breaking my teeth in half or moving them in some way, the teeth themselves sharpened. I tried to keep them from touching my tongue, but despite my efforts, they actually managed to stab it once or twice, drawing a large amount of blood. I didn't know that they'd grow this long, curving over my bottom lip and nearly reaching the end of my chin. Luckily, they stopped before they got to that length, but the transformation was far from over.

A pain so horrible hit my back, making it impossible for me to even scream. Instead, I curlede into myself and prayed to what ever god or goddess that would listen to my selfish cries to make the pain stop.

An arch appeared in my torso and I knew that standing up straight would be impossible at this point. Still, I dug my newly found claws into the fragile walls of my restroom and slowly dragged my limp body upwards. With a final reach, my hand found the bar that held the towels and held on for dear life.

A symphany of pops and cracks sounded as my rib cage widened and stretched my skin to unimaginable lengths. My spin grew as well, but more in length instead of circumfrance, and bent to the point where I could have sworn my skin tore. Luckily, I could my back in the mirror, and although the sight was horrifying, my skin seemed plenty intact.

My pupils waned at what a freak I looked like. The light shining from my eyes deepened the shadows of my protruding bones, making it look only more grotesque.

I resembled some type of monster with the prehistoric stance my body had taken.


No, that wasn't it. I looked like a predator. A mixure of things, both human and wolf.

Unfortunately, with the rest of my human features and the terror in my eyes, I looked more pitiful than anything.

"Gyahhh!" A surprised yelp hit me before I cringed and gripped the bar even harder, causing an increasingly large dent each second I went deeper into the change. I could feel my strength increase as the muscles swelled in my arms and became larger and harder. Soon, I owned a small amount of control over them, aiming some of their power into my vice grip on the towel rack. Before I knew it, the silver bar had been reduced to a narrow twist, rather than the sturdy structure it had once been.

The muscles slowly crept up my arms, making their way to my torso. I tried not to imagine how agonizing it would be when they finally reached, but was taken away from my thoughts by something even worse.

A burning erupted from my feet as they stretched and grew. The heels of feet slowly and cruely rising up my calves, I found it impossible not to shreik. I didn't even care about if anybody heard my anymore! I didn't fucking care!

My throat was set ablazed far before the worse of the muscle growth began. My back practically exploded, sending me straight back to the ground and shaking my very core. The muscles  hugged at my rib cage and spine as they swelled, fitting my new figure and expanding it. Halfway through the growth, an intense burning-itching spread throughout my skin, consuming it like fire ants. When my arms wrapped around themsleves, I felt something unexpected.


I glanced over to where I had felt it and noticed a thin sheet of pure black fur covering my skin and only growing thicker by the second.

I...I can't take this-s-s....

I could hardly think straight, much less try to get help. What was I going to do?

I tried to remember exactly how long Will said I would be conscience for this, but found the effort futile as my mind drastically collapsed on itself.

As my body entered the final stages, the consequences of my actions finally dawned on me.

What have I done? I thought, my face stretching and twisting into a muzzle. My shoulders came into their new frame and my muscles became even with eachother. My senses increased and my vision became flooded with red. The adrenaline pumped so fast, my thinking became clouded and I slowly lost myself into the animal within. I threw my head back and yelled hoarsly, but found that it turned into a growling shreik.


I just wanted to be different...


Thanks for reading!
Random Transformation...
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Trevor48 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
great job on this tf
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Its pretty good but what is that first word? I thought rapping was music.
Yubitsume Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It can also be the sound of somebody knocking on the door. It might have had a W in it, but I forgot.
MyseriousMystogan Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
cool story
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